Tuesday, December 09, 2008


PENGKID is at central contention in Malaysia, especially when a fatwa has been announced by JAKIM, an authority body to control issues related to Islam and Muslim in the country. Click here.

For some, this is already ‘isu basi’ or simply no more an issue … some may still following what the argument is, some may turned out to support the fatwa and I think there also those who oppose it.

As for me, I only have time just know to understand what the issue is; wanted to know the central idea of pengkid. Hence I googled the word pengkid which the search result really surprised me (may not probably surprise many) with the ‘out of mind’ pics.

Yesterday, well actually on Raya Haji night, I asked my relative about it, and he told me pengkid is not simply those girl / women who like to behave like men.. it’s more … I am not sure what he meant by that phrase.. but I supposed one could have a guess on this.

Is this pengkid is Women Rights? I don’t know…

Is everything you want to do is actually your rights?

how many women like their species to become pengkid? I don’t know…

How many parents would like their daughters turned pengkid?

Can we allow women to act like men? Not for Muslim women, Islam does not allow it to happen. But women have their great alternative which is to act like women happily.