Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Proactive or Reactive Scholar

I was reading Ali Shariati background where it strucks me to a point saying that Shariati was a man whose brain is working perfectly. From the reading, I knew that he was a Shi'i, but to certain extent I would say that he was a liberal Shi'i who did not stick his thinking to only the same idea of others.

This sound like a great thinkers who always think about what he could contribute to the society. He thus known as a great Muslim socilogist for his contribution in the field.

One of his famous saying is: "everyday is Ashoura, every place is Karbala."

He said that because he believed the Shia followers should not merely await the return of the 12th Imam but should actively work to hasten his return by fighting for social justice.

To some people, this matter is quite sensitive because it relates more to Shia. To some extent, those who incline to his idea may also be labelled as Shia ... see how wrong this kind of thinking is.

What is more important here is the way Shariati mobilised his people. He made a big contribution especially in tackling those who were using religion as an excuse not to work for getting the social justice back. He fight those who believed by syaing that we just wait the verdict of Allah upon those people. This is wrong. We must engage in the society and make impact within the society we loved.