Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Multicultural Discourse from the Minbar

Kertas yang dibentangkan di Jepun pada 26-27 November 2011.

Multicultural Discourse from the Minbar: A Critical Study of Khutbah Texts Prepared by Jakim Malaysia

Abstract: Multiculturalism in Islam is not new but rather began with the advent of Islamic revelation. Respect and inclusiveness have for a long period of time been the subject of discussion. Today, multiculturalism is reflected in several forms including religious sermons (khutbahs) delivered at every Friday prayer. Khutbahs seek to educate Muslims on many social and moral issues, including living together in a harmony in multicultural society. In Malaysia for instance, khutbahs are officially prepared by JAKIM and provided to all mosques located in the Federal Territory and State Religious Departments. Khatib normally reads the khutbah giving it from the minbar. This study explores facets of multicultural discourse in the texts of khutbahs prepared by Jakim. It seeks to identify the type of information transmitted to Muslim congregations at Friday prayer, and perhaps examine various multicultural issues affecting the very process of text preparation. This study uses library research methodology whereby khutbah texts related to multiculturalism shall be examined using analytical and critical methods of analysis. This research highlight valuable evidence on multicultural discourse as perceived and translated by official religious institutions of Malaysia.

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